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Radial ID Applicator

G-Force™ Nozzles are bore dispensing nozzles that dispense material in a radial pattern on the inner diameter of a part. Air turbine models require 8-10 SCFM of lubricated compressed air at 60 PSI with a 0.25 CV value. Minimum bore is 1.125” diameter. Maximum bore is 24” diameter. Maximum nozzle length is 14” long. The part number builder is located on the next page. The actual design may vary depending on the custom application. G-Force™ nozzles are often paired with AA8 Servo Dispensers and servo motion setups for continuous, even coating dispenses. The liquid option of the nozzle includes a check valve near the tip to prevent dripping. Nozzles are not designed for use with most RTV or epoxy. See the Material Type table on the next page for more information.

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